We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I tried pocket carry for a while but it did not allow me to adequately conceal a snubby, which is as small a handgun platform as I am willing to go.

I crossbreed belly band holster review carried on the ankle during such occasions for some time but I found it left a lot to be desired. Once I tried a belly band I found that it was the best method for concealing a gun under a tucked-in shirt.

I also found that a small-frame revolver proved ideal for this mode of carry as the rounded shape disappears where the square shape of an auto prints under tucked clothing. I wear the belly band directly under my belt line and crossbreed belly band holster review gun sits in the standard appendix position.

To draw the gun, the tucked shirt gets ripped up out of the pants. Typical belly bands provide only an elastic holster that is sown into the band itself. This poses two major drawbacks to the design: first, the nylon does crossbreed top rated belly band holster adequately protect the trigger as does a real holster, so I have only ever used or advocated using a double-action revolver or double-action auto in a belly band.

I carry cross draw and that positions the overlap of the belt to the rear which is great for being seated while driving. Even though the elastic pocket sewn into the belt may work with various size guns the retention strap would not. He was nice enough until I asked him where his holster was.

As any kid would, I stuck around and watched the clock until the end of lunchtime. I watched, fascinated, as he pulled up his shirt, lifted up his massive belly with one hand and shoved his gun into his appendix carry holster with the other.

Ghost Concealment is a relatively new company that is dedicated to creating highly functional but comfortable holsters at a great price. This holster provides a spot that will fit almost any size of gun, as well as an extra magazine. The fabric is still sturdy enough to prevent accidental discharge while remaining extremely comfortable!

Not only is the material comfortable and breathable, but its sturdy velcro closures will keep all but the heaviest guns belly band holsters for big guys in place. Simply snip the entire thing off with scissors without affecting the integrity of the holster! So if you are a big guy looking for the best belly band holster, this is it!

And for the price? I honestly think everyone should give it a try and see if it works for them! Why not have it in your arsenal? Big belly?Mobility issues?Having said that, there are a few carry options that make the most sense for big buys, so if we talk about the pros and cons of each, hopefully it will guide you in making a decision.