If you have a gun, you must treat it carefully so it won’t cause you or your loved ones any harm. I hope that this article was helpful, and you know now more than you knew a few minutes ago. Since it is a delicate subject, I am sure you have questions, so please feel free to use the comment section below.

1. Under $200 – Liberty HD-100I have always been a fan of Liberty hand gun vaults, and let’s be honest, they are pretty much the biggest gun safe manufacturer out there. For under $200 the HD-100 gives a great product. It has 18 gauge steel, a lighted interior, and a 4 digit electronic lock, it will keep your firearm safe.

2. Under $1000 – Kodiak 32 GunKodiak is a foreign manufactured Rhino Metals product. The safe has a 40 minute fire rating, has a respectable 8 bolts, and is over all a decent safe. Keep in mind, this is still in the entry level safe category, so don’t expect it to compare to the more expensive safes.

This would be a great safe for someone starting out. I did a quick search for competitors pricing, and with shipping the rest of the retailers tend to be more expensive. However North 40 only offers in store pickup, so make sure to keep that in mind when shopping around.

3. Under $2000 – Freedom Security Eagle 35 SafeWhile this may not be labelled a Liberty product. It is. From what I can tell it is a rebranded Franklin series, of which after a quick search retails for a couple hundred dollars more than this one.

If you are searching for a Franklin Series safe, this might be that better option. You will still have that Liberty quality, at a lower price. 4. Quiver App Co. / QuiverOverall Score: 75Comparing this app to the others in the test is a bit difficult, given that its core functionality isn’t focused on mapping or navigation.

From there, you can record any activity you want, including deer sightings, and add notes, images, etc. Each time you record an event, the weather, time, and moon phase are captured. Over the course of the season, you should begin to see data trends. 5. Primary Arms is a company that has always focused on how to couple low cost with high value.

The red dot is bright and easy to locate.

This is a smart reticle. You don’t want to be fiddling with the dials when you need an immediate response. The red dot is bright and easy to locate. With 12 brightness settings, you get good control of the scope to suit conditions. It gets better…Coupled with another essential, a generous eye relief at 3. 5 inches, this contributes to taking the worry out of rapid use of your gun.