If you are looking for good value for your money, this one is for you! 7 Pulsar Helion XP50 Thermal MonocularType: Thermal imaging scope Optics: F50/1. 2 lens, 2. 5-20x magnification, 2x 4x 8x digital zoom, 640×480 sensor resolution, 12. 4 x 9. 3mm FOV Crosshair: Stadiametric rangefinder Mount: Standard photographic tripod mount Range: 1,900 yards Size & Weight: 8. 6” x 2. 28” x 2. 16”, 1. 1 lbs Extras: Wireless control, Wifi and Stream Vision companion app for Android & iOS, waterproof The Pulsar Helion XP50 thermal monocular is a thermal imaging device designed for handheld use or with a standard tripod or monopod.

It has superb thermal imaging features that make it the excellent hunting companion for scouting, acquiring targets and detecting range. It boasts a sensor with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and 17 µm for detailed images with a refresh rate of 50Hz for dynamic and rapid motion.

The objective lens is interchangeable and this model features a F50/1. 400m is roughly the maximum distance most hunters will fire at while maintaining an ethical hunting code. In hunting, just hitting the target isn’t good enough, you need a clean kill shot and achieving this is difficult to do with an unpredictable moving target.

Another thing to consider is the speed at which you can acquire and line up a clean shot. Having too much magnification can make spotting an animal on the move extremely difficult and even the slightest movements can make reacquiring a sight picture frustrating. Eye relief and even objective lens size are crucial components in hunting.

Having a scope that can harness the available light in many different situations is necessary for hunting. Regarding hunting and trekking through your stomping grounds, you may also want to be thoughtful of the scopes overall design. How heavy is the scope? How durable and is it waterproof?

You don’t want to lug around extra weight if you know your sweet spot is several miles uphill both ways and let me tell ya, glass is heavy and definitely adds up quickly. Getting caught in the rain or falling into a stream are also possibilities that you wouldn’t want to risk thousands of dollars of gear on, so ensure your hunting gear and the scope you choose is durable and waterproof!

Long Range Target Shooting, however, is much more forgiving than hunting and allows for unlimited possibilities when it comes to scopes. Bench rest shooting and even lying down can easily yield shots over 2000m with the right training and gear. Typically, in a long-range competition, you’ll find stationary targets exceeding 600m meters.

Since target shooting largely exceeds the definition of long range for hunters, there will be more factors to consider, such as wind speeds, bullet drop compensation, temperature, and many more factors. This generally means you’ll have a more dialed in scope with a higher level of magnification and a lower level of eye relief as the trade-off.

Scopes for long range target shooting may also exclude features such as waterproofing but will likely come with some handy ballistics’ tools. Reticles: The Dots, The Hashmarks, The CrosshairsAs mentioned before, scopes act as a shooter’s calculator and the number one thing enabling the shooter to make calculations is the reticle inside the scope.

Choosing the right reticle with intuitive features makes a world of a difference. For example, bullet drop compensator reticles (BDC) will help the shooter compensate their ammunitions drop over distance to several different range settings. We aren’t going to go into a full-blown guide on crosshair explanations as there are tons of different styles, colors, tools, features, etc. There are also a bunch of proprietary branded crosshairs that you’ll find across major scope brands that you’ll simply have to study up on.

The point here is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of different variations and sometimes choosing the right scope comes down to which houses a crosshair that you are most comfortable with. We might be able to help! As a leading producer of innovative sidearm holsters for more than 20 years, High Noon Holsters can furnish you with our Under Taker model, an expertly crafted shoulder rig holster specifically designed to fit your weapon.

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