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Here’s a look at some of the best rangefinders on the market today across a variety of price points and applications. 1. VersatilityThe ability to use the scope both night and day is a really essential factor to consider while selecting a night vision scope.

The inconvenience of having to re-zero a rifle constantly as you switch between night and day is tiresome. Instead, if you are going to use one rifle for everything find a scope that will do both or find one that can be fitted to your standard optic to give it night vision abilities.

1. DurabilityNight vision scopes are made up of tiny and fragile parts that are prone to get damaged easily. If you are investing hundreds of dollars in an air rifle scope, you’ll need to get one that’s durable and long-lasting. It should withstand recoil as well as any harsh condition subjected to it.

To ensure great value for money, make sure that the scope you buy is rugged and sturdy. Cheap Night Vision Air Rifle Scopes FAQs- Are night vision air rifle scopes also used during the day? For some, yes. This depends on the technology used. A century ago horse and buggies went away and today it may be cameras/optics and their manufacturing companies.

The shocking truth is that since at least the 1960’s optics companies bought mass lots of lens from the cheapest sources and that was usually Japan which made some of the finest optics in the world so your German made scope or American made scope probably had Japanese lenses in it. In recent years Japan moved its optical production to China and I once watched a Chinese news program and on the same street there was Nikon and Cannon making Chinese lens not only for scopes but for copiers, cameras etc, etc. Japan of course still owns these companies.

I might add most scopes now have Chinese made lenses in them although few companies make this known to the consumer. I might add when I bought my Hyundai car everyone laughed at me for buying a car made in Korea but I laughed at them and told them Hyundai’s first car, the pony, had a Japanese power-train.

It turned out to be one of the most reliable cars I ever owned and I have been laughing at my friends ever since. Yes we live in a global economy like it or not and even if most people know little about how everything interrelates.

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